Turn on the Light!

There was a time when I felt I was becoming lukewarm as a Christian. I was worried because I no longer yearned after the things of Christ. That I no longer burned with passion for hearing God’s voice and doing his ways.

As the alarm bells began to go off in my head, I decided to sit down and ask myself some serious questions;

Can people infer that I am a follower of Jesus Christ from the way I conduct myself?

Can they see God in me?

What do I stand for?

What kind of conversations do I listen in on?

What kind of jokes do I laugh at?

What kind of shows am I watching?

What kind of people am I hanging around?

I can tell you that I wasn’t very impressed with the answers I got back from myself and this broke my heart.

So I decided enough was enough.

I want to share with you what I discovered and why I decided I couldn’t afford to be a lukewarm Christian anymore

I pray that as you read on you will be as charged up as I was that day!

In Matthew 5:16 it says, “In the same way let your light shine before others that they may see your good works and give glory to your father who is in heaven.” [NIV]

It’s not enough to just be nice or good. If you feel your life isn’t bringing God glory then you need to do more.

Every minute we spend sitting back and not putting ourselves out there as Christians, we deny someone else a potential opportunity to come to Christ.

Now, I know it sounds like I’m about to start rattling on about evangelism.

And maybe I am …

But we often forget that evangelism is not just by words, it is also by our actions.

Yes, it involves the kind of words we speak, the activities we take part in, even the way we carry ourselves.

And this crucial part of evangelism is often neglected.

Let me explain something to you.

Most people don’t want an explanation of the greatness of God’s power and love for us. They want to see the manifestation (evidence) of it.

It when people see that manifestation, they come to find an explanation.

And how will they see this manifestation? Through fire, hail and storm? (highly unlikely…)

Through us?….most likely because Christ lives in us.

Galatians 2:20 says, “I have been crucified with Christ and no longer live, but Christ lives in me …”

We need to embody the word of God that we speak.

But we can’t really embody what we are not familiar with, can we?

This is why it’s so important that we spend enough time studying and thinking on the Word of God

Every truth about His love, grace, joy, peace should be reflected in our lives.

Can you now see why I was no longer satisfied being Miss Nice Girl?

We need to share with the world all Christ had given us and this isn’t going to happen if we remain passive and lukewarm.

It is not going to happen if my light is not shinning.

It is not going to happen if your light is not shinning.


This was the prayer I prayed that day and you can pray it too,

Lord, please help me to show you in me wherever I go

Holy spirit… help me to be sensitive to your voice when you are showing me an opportunity to minister life and be a light.

So, help me God.


Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve been blessed!

Written By: Ayowade Adeleye (through the revelation and inspiration of the Holy Spirit).


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