Now GO!

So many times, we feel the Lord nudge us to do something and often we begin to question.

We as God the whole load of it, “Why?” “What?”  “How?”

We look at the task and then look at ourselves and conclude that it is impossible.

“I’m not good enough.” We often say. “People will laugh at me.”

This was exactly how I felt when the Lord asked me to start this blog.

I thought to myself; ” Well Lord, I must be hearing all wrong, because I can’t write!”

But He showed me through His Word that I wasn’t the first person to feel this way.

In the book of Exodus, Moses went through the same thing.

The LORD had asked him to challenge one of the most terrible Pharaohs that ever lived. That he should lead the whole nation of Israel out of Egypt. Moses was shocked, he began to list all his faults to God.

He said, “But Lord, I’m slow of speech”

But the Lord reminded him, that He is the Lord Our Maker.

The Lord said, “Now go, I will help you speak and I will teach you what to say.”

A similar thing happened to Joshua, the Lord had given him a huge task. Joshua had seen how stubborn and ungrateful the Israelites could be. Yet God wanted him to fill the shoes of Moses and take them to the Land of Promise. He must have been terrified; I know I would have been.

But the Lord said, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, For the Lord is with you wherever you go”

Let’s flip to the Book of Judges, where the Lord asked Gideon to rescue the Israelites from the Midianites.

He must have thought God was mistaken because he felt the need to remind the Lord that he was the least qualified for the task in his family

Again, the Lord said, “I will be with you…”

I could go on and on  but I’ll stop here for now.

This is the point I am getting at…

If God asks you to do something, He is not asking because of the array of gifts, talents and qualifications you have. He is asking because of the potential he sees in you. Remember David and how no one thought he was kingly material, well, God had a different opinion.

He’s not just looking at the person you are now, he is looking at the person he is going to mold you into. It doesn’t matter if it looks like you don’t have the ability or the resources, all that matters is that you’ve got God.

Take your focus off you and your faults and fix your eyes on Him.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus says, “with men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

So why not yield yourself, and let God take you only where He can.



  1. Exodus 4:10-12
  2. Joshua 1:1-9
  3. Judges 6:11-17
  4. Matthew 19:26

Written By: Ayowade Adeleye (through the revelation and inspiration of the Holy Spirit).



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